Monday, 11 April 2011

chew with more crisps

as one of the snacks industry, we provide crisps or 'kerepek' for all level of people.‘Kerepek’ is the one product based on tapioca, banana, yam and so on that come from agricultural product. Agriculture includes the various types of field and one of them is our product, ‘kerepek’.

Our companies have already chosen to markets our ‘kerepek’ because of the customer demand. Kerepek is one of the favourite foods of people especially around Malaysia because of the variety of taste. As the demand for 'kerepek' is higher, we have increases the variety of crisps tastes or 'kerepek' in our production strategy and production core.

our list of product includes 'kerepek' are:

1.Kerepek ubi pedas kering. 18. Kerepek ubi keladi
2.Kerepek ubi pedas basah. 19. Kerepek melinja.
3.Kerepek ubi masin. 20. Kerepek udang.
4.Kerepek ubi cip. 21. Kerepek bayam.
5.Kerepek ubi BBQ. 22. Buah rotan.
6.Kerepek pisang tanduk. 23. Karipap mini.
7.Kerepek pisang nangka. 24. Kerepek ubi perisa lada hitam
8.Kerepek pisang abu. 25. Kerepek psang bersalut madu
9.Kerepek pisang manis. 26. Kuih sepit.
10.Kerepek kacang hijau. 27. Kerepek tempe.
11.Kerepek kacang dhal. 28. Bahulu cermai.
12.Kerepek bawang. 29. Kuih bangkit.
13.Kerepek kentang biasa. 30. kerepek sagu.
14.Kerepek kentang pedas. 31. Bahulu pandan chip.
15.Opak kari. 32. Rempeyek kacang tanah.
16.Jejari bilis. 33. Rempeyek kacang dhal.
17.Jejari udang. 34. Rempeyek kacang hijau.


Delivery Methods:

i. Direct delivery.

Denak Crunchy Crisps used direct delivery means that we use channel one that is directly to customers. We do not have any agents in distributing our products or retailers in giving our services.

Before you make a reservation, please read and understand the terms & conditions.
1. No cancellation of orders after payments are made.

You are allowed to make changes in order before payment is made.

2. Goods shipped are in good condition.

3. Goods that were purchased are not returnable.

4. Shipping fees not included. Please note that there is a slight shipping charge depends on weight and shipping location.

5. We use Pos Laju Malaysia. The cost of shipping in Peninsular Malaysia is RM 6 for first 500g and 250g RM3 to the next. For East Malaysia, RM9 for first 500g and RM4 for next 250g.
If you want express delivery service, charges are subject to the Courier Company and will be borne by the buyer.

7. Make sure the address given inhabited during delivery by Pos Laju as they require the signature of the recipient. If no one at home, you need to take their own goods in the post office nearest rate.

8. We strongly encourage you to choose if you are in the vicinity of Kota Bharu, Kelantan to avoid the high cost you pay for shipping.


Please make a selection and then email it to us at

Once we receive your email from your booking, we will send you an email for the confirmation of booking within 2 days.
Asked for you to respond to the confirmation email within 2 days as well.

Deposit the money orders into our Maybank account within 3 days. In the absence of any response from you, your order will be canceled without notice.

After you have finished paying reservation, please email payment details such as date of the transaction, the amount of money and the bank where you deposit money paid. If you are using Internet banking (Maybank2u, CimbClick Etc.) Please email slip printing (print slip) to us.

Thank you because we are nothing without you..

Any questions, call 09-7463230 or fax at the number of 09-7463233

Sunday, 10 April 2011

more yummy crisps to choose and buy..

ubi pedas basah           1/2 : RM 7.00

ubi putih               1/2 : RM 7.50

opak syiling             1/2 : RM5.50

kerepek pisang tanduk           1/2 : RM6.00

ubi kari                    1/2 : RM7.00

ubi sinkong pedas 1/2kg : RM6.00